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Why stay on rent when you can own a home?

Buy or rent a house

“Home’s where you go when you run out of homes.”

John le Carré

Gone are the days when staying in a rented home was a good way to save and think of one’s own home in old age. The youth years were spent in saving and accumulating for a home later. In the age of digital change and spending, this no longer works. Disposable incomes, dual working partners, nuclear households and expensive education puts priority of house on the first basis.

Yet, few people think that a rented house means more savings than owning a house. 

Read this blog to know what’s better?

Buy or Rent a House?

  • Generally speaking it is always cheaper to have a home on rent than to buy one
  • However, if you are going to live in Ahmedabad itself and are a resident or have plans to stay for many years, buying a house is a better option. Not only it gives you the security of staying at a place but also makes your investment go right.
  • If you are in a transitory mode or do not have any definite plans to stay in Ahmedabad for a long period of say 5 years; rented home is the best option for you
  • Also you need to take into consideration the commute to your workplace which means you need to think of the area of stay. Make a comparative analysis and see how less the difference is in rental payments and monthly home EMIs.
  • Researching is important though there are well wishers who can give you advice and all. You know what works best in your situation and what you want. Keep that well laid out while buying a property in Ahmedabad.

So having considered the stay plan of long-term or short-term, the ideal area of your stay, the type of house you are looking for and the comparative analysis of rent and buy shall bring a clear picture to you about your home needs. This kind of planning may take a bit of your time, but honestly, it can be the best way forward. Think and Act! Want to get more pro tips related to home property? Subscribe to our blog and know all about #baatekgharki

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