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7 Questions to ask before buying a house

Questions to ask before buying a house

Here are some Important Things to Ask When Buying a House:

Luxurious Homes

Luxury apartment features and best amenities for apartments are what you are reading around you. Before you step ahead, read these questions too!

A home, no matter what it makes you feel – is always a refuge. It is the place where you want to ‘be yourself’. It is a haven. A cocoon.

Buying a 3 BHK flats in Ahmedabad is never easy and it will always involve a lot of questions asked by the whole family so that it can be tuned to what each member has a vision of the house to be. How do you ensure that you can buy a house that everyone likes and yet it should fit into your requirements too? Research is the key!

There are crucial questions that you must answer for yourself and your family so that you can make an informed decision without any backlash. Go ahead and make a fair point towards getting all the answers to the pertinent questions.


The first and the foremost aspect of buying luxury 3 BHK apartments in Ahmedabad is that of the budget. With life on the wheel, running to save and spend and again save; puts the pressure of monetary commitments on priority. Do the math and see what you can afford, what the homes can offer and what your financials speak.

Going around and looking at houses without the budget in mind can be a sheer waste of time. Not only that, you might lose out on an ideal home for your family if it is given up to someone else in the meantime. The other aspect that you need to factor in is the mortgage details. Give your finances a good look-over and do involve your family members to keep the clarity of home buying. It can lead to a bit of change in lifestyle due to monetary input in the house. After this, while house-hunting look into the home repair estimates, maintenance costs, cost of amenities usage like gym membership. Trickled down to the minutest details so that you are not suddenly swamped with unexpected expenses that you were not aware of. Grill the agent if you must, but ensure that you are thoroughly clear on what you are going in for.

Facilities Checklist

A home is not only about home loans and expenses. It is rightly called an investment because it is long-term and savings go into the homes. Sit down your family members and draw out a checklist of what they want from their new home.

  • Ease of transport
  • Amenities and facilities
  • Proximity to places more favoured by the members. Some families need entertainment places to be in proximity, while some give preference to being away from the hustle-bustle of the city,
  • Matching with lifestyle philosophy and neighbourhood.

The Zone

The zone or the location of the house is extremely important to base the decision. It ranks 2nd in budgeting. You need to find out two aspects of the zone/location of the home you are wanting to zero down on :

Primary location zones should be kept in mind. Certain areas are marked to be used for certain types of spaces. There are industrial zones, commercial zones, hospital zones, school zones etc. These zones are marked by the Municipal corporation on the basis of feasibility projects. So check out where your home falls into.

Floods are a common problem in monsoons and despite the storm drains laid out in the city, the natural geographical layout can affect the residential location. You need to check out whether your home is located in or near a low lying area, is surrounded by natural wells, ponds or water bodies and also the height of the building needs to be factored in.

The Sales Pitch

The sales pitch can make or break your decision. If the agent or the sales manager of the home site has some offers or discounts – try to reason out why. Are they hiding something or distracting you from something you need to know about your home? Sales pitch is a necessity for sales managers to pitch in and fulfil their targets. It also is important for the buyer to consider the sales pitch with careful scrutiny and weed out all the pertinent details from the sales agent and get a completely clear picture without any glossy magazine impact.

Add and Subtract

If you are buying a new 3 BHK luxurious flats in Ahmedabad, find out what additions are provided to the residents that actually mean ‘luxurious’ are they actually included in the cost. Many times, for the sake of sales pitch; homes are said to be luxurious but the amenities could be commonplace and a necessity. Here, you also need to check on two possibilities – If the place underwent redevelopment, check on the floor space and actual space ratio. If the home you are buying is renovated, find out what the renovation entailed. Did it increase or decrease the space? Does the renovation fit the sizing and family requirement specifications? Consider it essential to know all these aspects too.

Market Saleability

How long has the house been on the market? If it has been built for more than a year, find out why it wasn’t sold yet. There could be something that you might have never thought off hence affecting the sales of the house. Do some research on the homes and its location along with its marketability.

Safety, Security and Insurance

Whether you have kids or not, the safety of the house and the members is extremely important. A lot of times people tend to not give much focus on safety and security of the homes. Find out if the safety measures are updated regularly by the building association. Fire, alarm system and perimeter safety has to be constantly checked and evaluated. Your maintenance money covers these essentials which buyers tend to ignore. Insurance policies for family members should also include home safety and dangers if any eventuality arises.

Another important aspect for home buying is sustainability. It is a new concept that has not been explored properly in India or Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad residential properties boast of being green buildings adopting rainwater harvesting and waste disposal management systems. Check out these facilities and get a demonstration of their functioning.

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This may feel like a gargantuan task to buy a home. Rest assured, you will thank us later for giving you the insights into buying your dream home having luxury apartment features with the best amenities for apartments whether it is 3 BHK apartment home or a luxurious bungalow in Ahmedabad.

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